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Queer Disposability

I do not know if William Ruto, Kenya’s possible new vice president, genuinely dislikes homosexuals. I suspect that as a mostly cosmopolitan Kenyan, one with lots of money and influence, he probably travels in the same circles as some wealthy homosexuals. I suspect some wealthy homosexuals might consider him a friend: a shared interest in … Continue reading Queer Disposability


If one browses #kenyadecides on twitter, one soon comes across photographs of military personnel driving fancy looking vehicles across Kenya, or at least Nairobi, accompanied by approving comments from the twitterati. Television coverage has emphasized, repeatedly, that over 90,000 military people have been “deployed” across the country to guarantee “peace.” Were we living in a … Continue reading peace:militarization

Jela si Pahala

We make concealment happen; it is not natural but rather names and organizes where racial-sexual differention happens. —Katherine McKittrick, Demonic Grounds How do we think the possibility and the law of outlawed, impossible things? —Fred Moten, “The Case of Blackness” I have been watching and re-watching KTN’s special report on sex in Kenyan prisons, especially … Continue reading Jela si Pahala


Wanjiku is sovereign. She has rights to services. She has the right to access justice. She has the right to condemn those who abuse and steal from her. She is no longer a dummy. She is a leader as Mama Mboga, farmer, teacher, painter, executive, mother, scientist, preacher, doctor, computer specialist, etc. She must be … Continue reading Wanjiku?

Dear Kenya:

Somehow, two men accused of crimes against humanity, have been nominated to run for president and vice president in next year’s general election. I say “somehow” because it happened while we were awake, while we were watching, and even with our approval. These men declared themselves African patriots and identified the ICC as an imperialist … Continue reading Dear Kenya: