Love Chronicle XIII (for G)

I want to understand the link between cum and tears I had been looking for you and when you did not show, the leaves changed their patterns, losing their vibrancy in an unexpected deluge What falls and cannot be un-broken I find you beautiful, also, a suitable addition to my collection of mummified love objects... Continue Reading →

Redemptive Turns

These fragments I have shored against my ruins. --T.S. Eliot, “The Wasteland” In a much-debated essay, Marjorie Perloff characterizes contemporary, mainstream poetry thusly: [T]he poems you will read in American Poetry Review or similar publications will, with rare exceptions, exhibit the following characteristics: 1) irregular lines of free verse, with little or no emphasis on... Continue Reading →

“I Watched the Late Show”

I watched the late show, An Officer and a Gentleman, which is a movie about factory workers not having a dream except to put out when they are shat on until a man dressed in white carries one of them away. Then everyone claps they are so happy. Forrest Gander, "Distractions from the Real World"

Memos (Selection)

Memos started as an experiment in lo-tech: I wanted to write poetry but did not have a book or pen. Thus, I turned to my (cheap) phone's "Memo" function, which had a limited number of characters, 100, I believe. The limitation proved to be formally enabling. The original plan was to have 50 so-called memos.... Continue Reading →

Simon’s Mother

She prays that he will learn to carry someone else’s cross. That grace shall lead his footsteps and mercy guide his walk. She prays that he will brave the swells of hurricane truth. That he will bend with goodness and sway with right. She prays that he will shelter in the shadow of the cross.... Continue Reading →

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