Untitled I have learned to trust the wisdom of farmers to believe in the meanness of fallows their thick silences broken in stutters and sighs I have learned to trust the wisdom of weeds the patience of butterflies, the promises of pollen © Keguro Macharia Photography: Wambui Mwangi


Sitalala Hata wakinifunga Sitakuwa nikilalala Sitalala sitalala Na wale wako nje Hawakuwa wakilala Hawalali hawalali Sitakuwa nikilala Hawalali hawalali Hatulali hatulali ©Keguro Macharia Photography: Andrew Njoroge


Boy This is not about inequality, the constitution, sins of the father, Neocolonialism. The good fortune of one over another fearfully and wonderfully made. This is not about hard work. There is a dirty boy lain outside; temple on concrete, calloused foot stretched out. Someone has parked a car beside him and walked away. ©Ngwatilo... Continue Reading →

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