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Become smaller. And smaller More. * Fear works to contain bodies within social space through the way it shrinks the body. – Sara Ahmed Fear works to expand the mobility of some bodies and contain others. -Sara Ahmed * I have been afraid to use “ICC indictees.” * Pay attention to fear. Pay attention to … Continue reading Shrinking

kenya’s memory work

What do we want from each other after we have told our stories - Audre Lorde, “There are No Honest Poems about Dead Women” Memory, that vast orchard of myriad, variegated moments, appears to undergo an endless replanting. —John Keene, Annotations Memory work is myth-building and myth-busting, story-making and story-unmaking, a stitching and patching, cutting … Continue reading kenya’s memory work


First, Rancière: Politics is first of all a way of framing, among sensory data, a specific sphere of experience. It is a partition of the sensible, of the visible and the sayable, which allows (or does not allow) some specific data to appear; which allows or does not allow some specific subjects to designate them … Continue reading dissent:censor


A man in Kisumu is wailing. He will have to be my proxy as it’s easier to write about someone else’s tears. He is not wailing because Raila Odinga lost this election. That is what a cynical, narrow view of Kenyan politics would say. He is crying because, along with all the other Kenyans who … Continue reading Wailing