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“thebeautifulonesarehere” (with thanks to Lebo Ntladi)

1. Openings A stare—let us not call it a gaze—is solicited. Staring is persistent attention, bafflement, return. Again and again, “what is this?” and “how is it calling to me?” and “why is it calling to me?” The siren song of visual objects. I encountered Lebo Ntladi’s “thebeautifulonesarehere,” one of four in a series, at … Continue reading “thebeautifulonesarehere” (with thanks to Lebo Ntladi)


I am losing interest. Fucking: it’s afternoon, I don’t go to work until later, and I arranged my work schedule so I could fuck from 11 am to 3 pm and after I get off work at 11 pm. Today it’s indoors. I skipped the park. The display of “you want me” I reject, “I’m … Continue reading Poppers


He wanted to populate a world map of men who’d fucked him. Kenya was already taken. But I wanted to be on that map. * He was a librarian. He had the strongest calves I’d ever seen. * I didn’t know what he wanted until several years after, a yielding I learned to take. After. … Continue reading hunger