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African Queer Studies

The loss of stories sharpens the hunger for them. —Saidiya Hartman Like many other book-reading people, my path into queerness was as much intellectual as it was libidinal. In my Christian “youth,” I devoured articles in evangelical publications about the “scourge” of homosexuality. My body had yet to catch up with my brain, so I … Continue reading African Queer Studies

“thebeautifulonesarehere” (with thanks to Lebo Ntladi)

1. Openings A stare—let us not call it a gaze—is solicited. Staring is persistent attention, bafflement, return. Again and again, “what is this?” and “how is it calling to me?” and “why is it calling to me?” The siren song of visual objects. I encountered Lebo Ntladi’s “thebeautifulonesarehere,” one of four in a series, at … Continue reading “thebeautifulonesarehere” (with thanks to Lebo Ntladi)