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Since February 2016, my life has been scheduled around my mother’s. Waiting in hospitals. Waiting for test results. Waiting as she got chemo. Waiting in the interval between chemo sessions. Waiting during radiotherapy sessions. Waiting to see if this or that drug will cause an allergic reaction. Waiting to see if the needle has been … Continue reading waiting


Water is another country. --Dionne Brand, A Map to the Door of No Return At first, the sound of water. Residence time.1 Black time. Black untime. The memory of water—the memory water has—the memory water is. We keep returning to the water. We keep being returned to the water. A face plunges into ice. Again. my … Continue reading Moonlight

Reading: April 22, 2016

Sanjeev Kumar, Ambedkar was for '(Pra)Buddh Barat', not 'Hindu Bharat' Kancha Ilaiah, Ambedkar vs. Dronacharya Tao Tao Holmes, Passports Were Once Considered Offensive Rick Perlstein, The Chicago School Julie Enszer, The Price of Labor Ann Powers, Listen to My Body Tonight

Reading: April 19, 2016

Joan Birika, A Never Ending Journey to Equality Sam Biddle, I Have No Idea what this Startup Does Faraz Talat, Explaining LGBT Politics in Punjabi Rahawa Haile, A Low and Distant Paradise Jason Diamond, Why do Cats Love Bookstores? Articles Jaffari Allen and Ryan Jobson, "The Decolonizing Generation," Current Anthropology (April 2016) I was reading something … Continue reading Reading: April 19, 2016