7 thoughts on “femiplan?

  1. The difference is in the gauge: femiplan condoms are ‘juala’ just like supermarket shopping bags. They come bearing a warning on the packet which says “harmful to babies”. I may be wrong!

  2. Harmful to baby-making?

    But really, I think this is a question that only heterosexuals are qualified to answer.

    Were I a different kind of scholar, I might compare the different kinds of condom ads currently on tv.

    Some for safety, some for pleasure, some for family planning. Niche marketing?

  3. Please let me know when you find out. They seem to be marketing Femiplan as a different thing and I was wondering are they not condoms like any other? I’m no expert but I thought a condom is a condom is a condom. Special consideration for quality of course.

  4. Keguro,

    Clearly I am also at a loss to know what is the difference between these condoms. The femiplan male condoms are being taunted as the ‘in’-thing’ these days with men flocking clinics and hospitals to get some. Now I have not as yet come across any specimen (s) but like everyone else I am dying to see what so stupendous and amazing about them. If anyone has a sample, do not hesitate to contact me.

    And also. like everyone else, I am confused. I need answers…and fast!

  5. Its all marketing gimmicks! Even Trust came with all the hoopla and where is it now? They even had flavoured condoms! a martian would be forgiven to think they are edible! As if the nether regions will identify the flavour!

  6. I suspect well-educated nether regions prefer specific flavors. I have yet to be convinced that educated palates actually like condom flavors.

    Do they have condoms in rosemary and cilantro?

  7. Hmmm. I was wondering about the femiplan birth control pill. It’s really cheap in Kenya, and lots of people I know don’t support it. I just wanna know if it works.

    In Kangundo they used to sell it for 20 shillings without a perscription. I think that’s great, but hope it works for those who actually want to practice family planning.


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